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Beef wit DA KINE Empty Beef wit DA KINE

Post by Southern_Chevy28 on Fri Sep 04, 2009 7:50 pm

Alright whats up folk,...I didnt wanna bring it to the light, buttt enough is here,.... We ant here to Beef with nobody...but Ima personally put it out there....someone of a team or on there own free will scraped off a "Da Kine" sticker off a PT Cruzer turbo this past week. Actions taken suggest much of that hater fever going But we ant point'in fingers either sooo... just to put them out in the open , on there behalf thats a hoe move and you know it the folk who planned it --stickers can be replaced but your actions.cant..unless you Man up and come out and say whats on your mind...(no harm intended)...I could spend my time cus'in ya out but...would make me no I DARE you to come out...But if not, keep ya thumb in your mouth and bib on your shirt-- if you ant use'in your Big Boy voice..And to ya'll screwin around with Radio......and now Mat?......Ya'll some "need some act right, kids" If you ant on your "grown man" to just be chill ...Ya'll gona get a talking from me like some little kid(s) , son(s) to the rest of the forum, again I dont mean to use the space as ways to vent ..its just this has been an on-going issuse so ya'll got any info feel free to pm me.... ...peace ya'll......Thanks

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